Professional cleaning plans

We’ve been helping house owners and agencies keep their swimming pools working in the best and most efficient way with our regular cleaning and maintenance plans for over 25 years.

By signing up to a regular professional cleaning plan, you will avoid future problems with your swimming pool and equipment.

Our cleaning plan:

  • Check-up of the general condition of the swimming pool and the equipment;
  • Initial measurement of the chemical values of the water and the temperature;
  • Clean-up of all the grates and filters (pump, skimmers and filter);
  • Clean-up of the surface of the swimming pool (removal of impurities and debris);
  • Vacuuming of the entire swimming pool ;
  • Application of the necessary chemical products;
  • Replenishment of the swimming pool’s water levels, using water from the network;
  • Clean-up of the edge of the swimming pool and the water line;
  • Clean-up of the engine room and special treatment of the equipment;
  • Special discount on equipment, products and labour.