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Specialists in swimming pool treatment and maintenance

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We are a family business with decades of experience in swimming pool treatment and maintenance.

Our professionals are specialized technicians in swimming pool treatment and maintenance, with certified exceptional skills in the fields of both electricity and plumbing. As a result of their mastery in both of these areas and their vast experience, we are in a position to guarantee an extremely efficient and top quality service to all our clients, thus saving them both time and money.




  • Technical maintenance of equipment

    Even swimming pools that are well taken care of occasionally need maintenance, be it because of their age, wear and tear or even faulty equipment.

  • Professional cleaning plans

    We’ve been helping house owners and agencies keep their swimming pools working in the best and most efficient way with our regular cleaning and maintenance plans for over 25 years.

  • Equipment and products for your swimming pool

    We have all the accessories and equipment needed for your swimming pool available and we are here to help you choose the most suitable products according to your needs.


  • João is amazing at what he does. Truly great guy that makes sure everything is up to great standard. I get routine maintenance and cleaning as well as water treatments when needed and every time my pool comes out looking amazing. Very responsive, respectful, and takes his time to make sure things are done the right way.

  • Brazé is een organisatie van ambitieuze, plichtsgetrouwe mensen die goed werk leveren en nog weten wat de ware betekenis is van het woord “dienstverlening”. De medewerkers voelen de klant goed aan en laten hem / haar nimmer in de steek. Is er een probleem met het zwembad? Op creatieve wijze wordt voor het bestaande probleem een oplossing gevonden. Dan is Brazé op z’n best! Kwalitatief hoogstaand werk wordt aangeboden tegen een zeer betaalbare prijs. Enfin, het totale zwembadonderhoud, in ruime zin des woords, is meer dan 25 jaar in handen van Brazé. Deze constatering spreekt voor zich.

  • Apenas posso dizer que estou muito feliz com o serviço de piscina nos últimos 20 anos… Além de profissionais são pessoas sinceras e amigas.

  • Manuel is very friendly and professional. I’ve been working with him for about a 24 years and he’s excellent at what he does. I would definitely recommend him and Brazé to friends and family.

  • Conheci a Brazé através de um amigo e não posso estar mais satisfeito. A equipa do Manuel é muito polivalente. Fazem trabalhos de eletricidade e canalização se necessário. Obrigado pelo profissionalismo nos últimos 5 anos.

  • Je recommande vivement mes techniciens d’entretien de piscine à toute personne ayant besoin d’un entretien professionnel de sa piscine. Leur excellente éthique de travail et leur dévouement constant pour garantir que ma piscine reste en parfait état sont vraiment inégalés.

  • Friendly, trustworthy, hard-working personnel who are skilled in bringing out the very best in a swimming pool. They treat each pool as unique, knowing just what it needs to result in pristine, sparkling water. I am really satisfied with the quality of service I have received from Braze and recommend them highly. Perfection in a pool!

  • Der Pool-Service ist zuverlässig und perfekt. Außerdem große Hilfsbereitschaft und ausgezeichnete Fachkenntnisse bei Elektrik-Problemen rund ums Haus.

  • A minha piscina foi renovada pela Brazé e desde então ficamos com o serviço de piscina regular. Boa decisão e continuamos até os dias de hoje.

  • I have had the pleasure of having the same pool maintenance man for over 12 years, and I must say that his work has always been nothing short of excellent. His dedication and expertise have truly made a difference in the maintenance and overall condition of my pool. Over the years, he has become more than just a maintenance man to me but also a trusted advisor in maintaining the longevity and functionality of my pool.

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